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Pump Manufacturers Türkiye Domak Pompa ve Makina Sanayi AS
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+90 (362) 266 80 50
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centrifugal pumps, self priming pumps, multi stage pumps, water pumps, fire fighting pump units, boosters, fire pumps, pump
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Domak Pompa which is a branch of a group of companies, established in 1962, manufactures water pumps im Samsun Organized Industrial Zone.Domak Pompa combines its own understanding of quality with new technologies and manufacturing systems of water pump producing world. Production is madeunder the same roof with its all stages, including casting stage. It is purposed to control all stages and have quality even in a small piece of products.Today,Domak Pompa manufactures and trades more than 500 kinds of water pumps and booster systems.These Products are, close coupled or couplined,multi staged- single staged,vertical-horizontal,clean water-waste water submersible pumps and booster systems. Order requests of customers are being shipped in a fastest way with following to the last point without looking any size of demand. Domak Pompa gives technical service, maintenance and spare parts services in or out of warranty period of products,without lookin g to the produce date of the product, Domak Pompa keeps its place in this sector with qualified products, acceptible prices, consistent sales policies and being a big Domak brand. Hereafter,what is needed in works made with water pumps, Domak Pompa will be ready to provide the demands in its place in this sector.