Flowmeters in Singapore at Eastern Energy Services Pte Ltd

We are a Singapore based company both manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of flowmeters who support clients locally and in the South-East-Asian region including Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Phillipines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brunei, Cambodia and Laos.

The company was established in 1983 and operates out of its own premises at Kaki Bukit with over 600 m3 of space. One of our major activities involves our engineers helping clients to select suitable flowmeters for various applications found in industries such as oil and gas, semiconductor, hvac, marine fuel applications (diesel fuel consumption) and many other general industry requests.

Selecting the correct flow meter requires knowledge and experience, not only in theory but also in the field. We have solved numerous flow measurement problems using various technologies including the following:



Since this is a pump website, it is important to mention the applications where pump output is being questioned. It is very often the case that some of our clients have no flowmeter installed or simply do not know if their existing flow measurement devices are working to specification.  We have a fleet of portable flowmeters  available for purchase or immediate hire. In some cases, one flowmeter is not enough, so we have made sure that our inventory contains adequate numbers of portable flowmeter for a flow balancing project involving flow measurements at multiple locations simultaneously.