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Hybel is a manufacturer of hydraulic components.Established in 1981 in the industrialized southern portion of Brazil , we provide a full range of gear pumps, motors & flow dividers.Hybel supplies many different sectors of South America┬┤s growing economy, our principal manufacturing plant and offices are located in Criciuma, Santa Catarina. Sucessfully meeting the needs of both the mobil and industrial markets in Brazil for over 20 years, Hybel has gathered a reputation for engineering excellence and product durability. This reputation has allowed market expasion into many other countries including the UK , Canada , USA and several Middle East countries. Never content with past accomplishments, Hybel is continuously improving our procedures. Using several CNC machines organized into work cells, each piece is subjected to multiple rigorous quality control inspections on the journey from raw material to finished goods.This combination of field experience and production capacity allows us to constantly look for new markets and desing challenges.