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Our pumps are centrifugal in vertical & horizontal made according to DIN E22858 (ISO 2858)constructed with PP, PVDF and PE1000 materials.
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Our company located in Kaohisung Taiwan specialized in manufacturing chemical pumps (CE Approved) widely used in pickling lines in steel industry besides petro-chemical. We are also attaching a report by 3M for the PVDF material; which is utilized in our pumps. "INSHENG" vertical & horizontal pumps constructed from PVDF & PP are the solution whenever it comes to pumping pure to slightly contaminated, toxic, explosive or environmentally harmful media such as acids, alkalis and solvents. Extremely robust and reliable of pumping crystallizing fluids with excellent performance in the following industries: Carbon steel and stainless steel pickling lines Galvanizing plants Pickle liquor regeneration systems Pharmaceutical industry Biotechnology Bulk & Fine chemicals production Flue gas cleanup Industrial waste water treatment Exhaust air purification Marine Automation --- Ballast Tanks