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Brushless DC pump, 30,000 Hours' lifespan pump, circulation pump, electrical car pump, safety voltage pump,
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We, the BLDC PUMP Technology Company Ltd., are a water pump manufacturing company who specializes in small water pumps. We ship special purpose water pumps to manufacturers, retailer, and companies worldwide. We are based in the technological heaven of Shenzhen, China. At BLDC PUMP Technology Company Ltd., we provide you the best water pumps of all sizes suited for all your needs. Our high-quality electric water pumps are specially designed to work for long hours in submerged or circulating environments. Equipped with brushless DC motors, the pumps are waterproof, with no current leakage. The magnetically driven motors produce high torque without any sparks with very low electromagnetic interference and quiet operations. They are very efficient, reliable and can work uninterrupted for hours with a long working lifespan. The specialized water pumps can be used in a number of industrial machines, office equipment, automobiles and household appliances without worrying about any safety and quality issues. In industries and offices, they can be used in circulating cooling systems, cars/automobiles coolant pumping, filling stations, pools, and other industrial machines etc. In homes, the BLDC water pumps can be used in applications, such as aquariums, small fountains, landscaping features, solar water systems, small irrigation systems, water treatment equipment, etc. We make sure that our products provide best quality and standard to its customers. We are open to working as OEM/ODM for our customers worldwide with our global drop shipping delivery with competitive direct selling prices. Looking forward to a healthy business relationship with you!