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Slurry Pump,Dredge Pump,Desulfurization Pump,Water Pump,Pump Spare Parts
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supply scope: 1. Slurry Pump : Horizontal Slurry Pump of ZJ, ZGB, M/AH/HH series ; Vertical Slurry Pump including of ZJL, SP(R) series We provide pumps with diameter range from 25mm to 1200mm, flow rates 5-30000m3/h and heads 5-120m. 2. Dredge Pump We provide DG series dredge pumps of different types: single stage, single suction or double casing or horizontal designs are all available. The diameter ranges from 100mm to 10000mm, flow rates 60-30000m3/h and heads 10-120m. 3. Desulfurization Pump We also provide DT/DTL, TL(R) series FGD pump of different types, including single stage single suction FGD pump, double casing FGD pump, horizontal desulfurization pump or centrifugal desulfurization pump. Flow rates range from 1083 to 2722L/s, head: 26-27m, and speed 550-740r/min. 4. Pump parts Spare Parts that we offer include plate liner, impeller, expeller, volute liner, shaft and shaft sleeve, and etc. Capacity: 500 tons of spare parts for machine products. All spare parts all dimensional interchangeable with pump and pump parts