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1 (604) 298-1213
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HNS modular submersible slurry pumps HS submersible solids handling pump HT submersible rugged slurry pump DP Series submersible agitator dredging pumps DL series submersible dewatering pump DXL Submersible dewatering pump HNH semi-open impeller horizontal pumps DBH series closed impeller horizontal pumps DEH recessed impeller horizontal pump HNC semi-open impeller vertical pumps DEC vertical recessed impeller DEC pumps DC closed impeller cantilever pumps DBC closed impeller vertical pumps
Description :
We manufacture hevvy-duty slurry pumps for the mining industry, the power industry, the dredging industry, the steel industry, the Oil and gas industry. From vertical cantilever pumps to horizontal slurry pumps and submersible pumps.