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Water in Diesel Engine Sensors

Water is common in diesel fuel and can enter a marine diesel engine through condensation or other factors that have to do with the design of a system and the environment it is in.

Since no system is absolutely foolproof, it is important for operators to implement systems to check the condition of the fuel periodically. Detecting the presence of water in diesel is the responsibility of operators. Water and diesel do not mix, so when water accumulates in diesel, it is likely to be in the form of free water.

One solution is to permanently install inline real-time water in oil sensing devices.

Water – How does it creep into diesel? One way is through Temperature changes. The temperature at night is cooler than the day and  condensation happens very regularly. This condensation introduces water into the fuel system. Water contamination can cause problems for engines if it contaminates the fuel.

How is water in oil or fuel tested?

Portable analyzers (whether mechanical or electrochemical)  can check if there is water in fuel but real-time measurements are a method to monitor for the presence of diesel fuel both inline and online continually. The EASZ-1 and EASZ-1 are products designed exclusively by EESIFLO to remedy this issue.

More information on Water in Oil Sensors: 

> https://eesiflo.com/marine/

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