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Norway has the second-highest GDP per capita among European countries and the sixth-highest GDP (PPP) per capita in the world. It is a prosperous capitalist welfare state with a mixed economy that combines free market activity and large state ownership in certain key sectors. Norway is a highly integrated member of most sectors of the EU internal market and is richly endowed with natural resources, including petroleum, hydropower, fish, forests, and minerals. The country declared its intention to ban deforestation, with a view to preventing its rainforests from vanishing.

The industry is also responsible for a significant portion of the state revenues in Norway. This has led to the growth of several related industries, including the pump business. The pump business in Norway has been thriving due to the high demand for pumps in the oil and gas sector. The Norwegian government’s ownership of the strategic petroleum sector has also helped create a stable market for pump manufacturers and suppliers, which has further contributed to the growth of the pump business in Norway.

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Eureka Pumps

Location: Rolfsbuktveien 4 D, NO-1364 Fornebu Norway
Telephone: +47 482 48 920
Website: https://www.eureka.no/

EUREKA is a Norwegian pump supplier with more than 40 years of experience in the oil & gas and marine industry, offering a range of pumps and generator sets that covers a majority of applications.


Location: Caspar Storms Vei 21 0664 Oslo Norway
Telephone: +47 22 54 20 00
Email: office@fuglesangs.no
Website: https://www.fuglesangs.no/en/

To provide the most efficient solution for your needs, FUGLESANGS combines high quality products from the best global manufacturers. We work closely with our strong partners around the globe to offer you the best solution that meets your expectations. In addition to our pumping solutions, we can provide many complementary products from our partners, at reasonable delays and affordable costs.