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Delaware’s farming focuses on poultry, nursery stock, soybeans, dairy products, and corn. In October 2019, the state had a 3.7% unemployment rate. Major employers include government, education, banking, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, healthcare, farming (especially chicken farming), and retail.

Amid changes in Delaware’s industries, such as the decline in automotive manufacturing and shifts in major companies like DuPont, there have been challenges. For example, DuPont laid off 1,700 employees in 2016. However, despite industrial changes, the demand for pumps remains steady, supporting various processes across farming, manufacturing, and healthcare industries in the state. Whether it’s for agricultural irrigation, industrial manufacturing, or healthcare facilities, pumps continue to play a crucial role in Delaware’s evolving economic landscape. Pump Manufacturers streamline your search for trusted pump suppliers in the Delaware area. Discover reliable providers effortlessly on our platform, which covers all major regions, including Wilmington, Dover, Newark, and Middletown.

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