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Switzerland’s manufacturing expertise, particularly within the pump industry, is underpinned by several key strengths and driving factors. Renowned for its precision engineering capabilities, Swiss manufacturers excel in crafting high-quality, precise components that ensure optimal performance and reliability in pumps. This commitment to precision is coupled with a culture of innovation and technology advancement, enabling Swiss companies to develop advanced solutions and efficient production techniques, staying ahead of market demands. Switzerland’s skilled and educated workforce further enhances its manufacturing capabilities, ensuring the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Switzerland benefits from a collaborative ecosystem that fosters partnerships between the business industries, research institutions, and academia, promoting innovation and knowledge sharing. The country’s reputation for reliability and quality in manufacturing, including pumps, has earned Swiss manufacturers global recognition and trust. These factors drive the growth and success of Switzerland’s manufacturing sector, solidifying its position as a leader in the global manufacturing landscape, particularly in the pump industry.

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LAMBDA Laboratory Instruments

Location: Schochenmühlestrasse 2 CH-6340 Baar Switzerland — Europe
Telephone: +41 444 50 20 71
Email: sales@lambda-instruments.com
Website: https://www.peristalticpump.info/

LAMBDA, the manufacturer and supplier of laboratory peristaltic pumps and tubing pumps. We know, it is important for our customers to purchase the needed instruments for their work as quick as possible.

Diener Precision Pumps Ltd

Location: Diener Precision Pumps Ltd Stationsstrasse 66, 8424 Embrach Switzerland
Telephone: +41 44 866 72 72
Website: https://dienerprecisionpumps.com/

Customized pump solutions – Gear and Metering pumps Whether you need micro-dosing/metering or the continuous high pressure pulseless flows of our gear pumps, Diener has the product range to meet your requirements. The pumps below are the basis for medium and large OEM production variants. All pumps are customized to suit customer requirements.