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Egypt’s manufacturing industry has undergone significant evolution, with the pump industry emerging as a key sector, driven by various factors, including technological advancements. Most large-scale manufacturing establishments were nationalized beginning in the 1950s, and emphasis was placed on developing heavy industry after a long-term trade and aid agreement was reached with the Soviet Union in 1964. There is also a nitrate fertilizer plant at Aswān. As a result of technological advancements, Egypt’s manufacturing sector experienced significant growth. 

Major manufactures included chemicals of all sorts (including pharmaceuticals), food products, textiles and garments, cement, and other building materials, as well as derivatives of hydrocarbons. Iron, steel, and automobiles became of growing importance to the Egyptian economy, driving the manufacturing sector’s success. Government policies aimed at increasing national income, diversifying the economy, and satisfying the aspirations of nascent nationalism greatly influenced the growth of manufacturing.

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