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Macedonia’s manufacturing sector has experienced significant development and liberalization since gaining independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. Despite initial challenges such as the loss of protected markets and transfer payments from Belgrade, the country has made strides in creating a more favorable business environment, driving growth and success in various industries, including the pump industry.

The leadership’s dedication to their principles has contributed to fostering a conducive environment for industrial development, including the manufacturing of pumps and related equipment. North Macedonia’s manufacturing sector, including the pump industry, benefits from a more open and competitive business environment, supportive policies, and efforts toward economic reform and integration. These factors have contributed to the sector’s growth and resilience, positioning it for further expansion and success in the global market.

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MZT Pumpi

Location: Str. Pero Nakov No.126, 1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
Telephone: +389 (0)2 254 98 17
Email: info@pumpi.com.mk
Website: https://pumpi.com.mk/pumps/

MZT Pumpi – Macedonia, has a long history of success with international growth as the biggest Developer and Manufacturer of Industrial Pumps, within the region of South-Eastern Europe. Throughout its extensive experience of more than 70 years it comprises broad product range comprised of Centrifugal and Rotary pumps with a broad application in the Oil & Gas Industry, Process Industry, Irrigation and Water supply, Chemical Industry, Mining and Civil Engineering and many other.