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Oman’s pump industry has been thriving, driven by several factors. Historically reliant on agriculture and fishing, Oman quickly shifted to oil production after its discovery in 1964. Anticipating the eventual depletion of oil reserves, the government initiated a plan in 1996, focusing on developing the country’s natural gas resources. This allowed for domestic industry and enabled liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports. Oman has also diversified and privatized its economy, advancing further in its privatization plan compared to other states in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

Although agriculture in Oman is practiced mainly for subsistence, employing only about five percent of the population, the country’s falaj irrigation system has supported significant crops, including dates, lime, banana, or mango trees, and alfalfa (lucerne). However, most food must still be imported. Successive government five-year plans have stressed private-sector development and joint ventures with the government, leading to the expansion of the manufacturing sector, including non-petroleum manufactures such as non-metallic mineral products, foods, and chemicals. Traditional handicrafts like weaving, pottery, boatbuilding, and gold and silver work, however, have been on the decline.