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Singapore’s economy, one of the most advanced in Southeast Asia, has undergone remarkable economic growth and diversification since 1960. Unlike other Southeast Asian countries, Singapore has never been primarily dependent on the production and export of commodities. Economic development has been closely supervised by the government and has been highly dependent on investment capital from foreign multinational corporations. Labour shortages and rising wages have further encouraged the restructuring of the economy towards higher value-added production. 

In recent years, Singapore has shifted its official policy to rely more on market forces, privatization of government enterprises, and support for domestic private businesses. The manufacturing sector has seen diversification from labour-intensive industries to high-technology activities like the manufacture of electronics and precision equipment. This diversification, accompanied by the establishment of free trade zones and incentives for multinational corporations, has played a pivotal role in Singapore’s economic success.

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Singapore Pump Products Pte. Ltd.

Location: 511 Yishun Industrial Park A, #01-02, Singapore 768768
Telephone: +65 6363 2320
Website: https://www.singaporepumps.com/

Singapore Pump Products designs and manufactures

All types of pumps ranging from vertical inline, submersibles, centrifugal end suction ISO type DIN type, gear pumps, lobe pumps, screw pumps, self priming pumps, vacuum assisted prime pumps, vacuum pumps, solids handling pumps.

Flomek- Best Pump Supply & Service Provider Singapore

Location: 9 Yishun Industrial Street 1, #04-64 North Spring BizHub, Singapore 768163
Telephone: +65 6029 3068
Website: https://www.flomek.com/

Your Reliable Source for a Vast Selection of Industrial & Rotating Equipment, a Wide Range of Pumps & Instruments, Project Management of Engineering & Automation Services, and More…

Flow Measurement Solution Providers

Location: Singapore, SG 415979
Telephone: +65-6748-6911
Website: https://flowmeters.sg/

What type of flow meter do you require? Is it for liquids, gases or steam, low or high pressure? On the specification sheets you can check for the accuracy and repeatability. Here you will hopefully find a flow meter for your application and check its availability, price and delivery with us.