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What is an Ex-Motor Drive?

An explosionproof motor drive is similar to a standard motor drive except that it is certified for use in hazardous areas e.g. ATEX Zone 1. Motor Drives take a low-level signal and produce a higher output which powers equipment like linear motors, rotary motors, fans, and other moving equipment. It normally responds to a signal input from a computer, PLC or some controlling device.

A variable compact motor design for use in hazardous areas Zone 1 and 2 housed in a quality machined aluminum flameproof enclosure. With the option of either a Stepper motor or Brushless motor, several gearbox options and standard or custom drive shafts. Available with a comprehensive range of control options from “Standalone” capability using the internal controller, binary input and Modbus over RS485.

  • For use in hazardous area Zone 1
  • Brushless motor (700 – 3000 rpm)
  • Stepper motor (0 – 350 rpm)
  • Clockwise and anti-clockwise control (Stepper motor 1° steps and full 306° range)
  • Brushless motors available with reduction gearboxes
  • Sleep mode
  • “Standalone” mode with programmable commands

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Elok-Asia is a specialist Ex-equipment manufacturer and supplier providing uncommon solutions for common problems. If there is an Ex application where a product does not seem to exist, get in touch with us to see if we have a solution that is already available. Other products that we manufacture are Ex rated earthing equipment, Zone 0 CCTV cameras and more. 

If in doubt, ask. Contact us by visiting Elok-Asia website.