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The people who run this site are professionals who focus on industrial websites. We do not sell pumps and are neutral to any pump manufacturer, supplier or service company. This site has been active since 2002 and has helped thousands of companies find the pump or pump related product or service they require.

If you are interested in the services we offer and how we can amplify your company products and services from this industry portal or other portals we manage to a massive market, then do not hesitate to contact us for details.

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  1. Request prominent featuring your organization and pumps/pump related products
  2. Removing/Updating your company and website details
  3. Reporting incorrect information given by others.
  4. Consulting. Tell us what you would like to achieve here. We probably have an answer.

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We have noticed more recently the rise of automated email applications which send out an enquiry to almost every email address that can be captured on the web. These enquiries probably go out to several hundred or several thousand companies at a time. Unfortunately, this kind of technology is wasting valuable time and resources for companies who have to pay their employees to be of service to potential customers.


If you are a real company that actually has bricks and mortar to show, then it is really important to capitalize on the fact you are “for real.” Providing a telephone number that actually has someone on the other end who is able to answer technical queries regarding rotating equipment like pumps, motors, seals and related products is what some of the more adept buyers are looking for. Time is money and highly paid professionals who value their time do not want to wade through every single nook and cranny to get an answer. They, obviously, would like to speak with an experienced person who can clarify their doubts.


How did you find us?  We guess you found us through the internet. The very fact that you are reading this right now should mean something. If you have read this far, it might also mean that you are interested in knowing how we could be of help and that you have an inkling that we might even be capable of doing so!  If so, let us know what you need from the site.