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Provider of Pumps and Other Industrial Products in Canada

The manufacturing industry in Canada is boosted by a blend of strengths and driving forces, making the country’s pump industry stand out. Canada’s abundant natural resources like metals and energy sources provide a solid foundation for crafting top-notch pumps and their components, ensuring a reliable supply chain. Canada has a skilled and highly educated workforce, especially in areas such as engineering and technology. This has helped to drive innovation within the industry. Canadian pump manufacturers utilize new and advanced technologies while adhering to strict safety and quality standards. This allows them to stay ahead in the global market.

Canadian pump manufacturers have extended their reach and are catering to global demand with the help of government’s policies and incentives. These policies have encouraged investment, research, and development in the industry, leading to growth and competitiveness in the sector. The Canadian pump industry continues to strengthen its manufacturing capabilities through collaboration with industry partners and research institutions. As a result, Canada is ensuring resilience and continued success in the global market.

Find Pump Suppliers Locally in Canada

Premier Fluid Systems, Inc

Location: 4161 Morris Drive, Unit 5 Burlington, ON Canada L7L 5L5
Telephone: 905-637-2611, 800-461-2611
Email: info@pfspumps.com
Website: https://pfspumps.com/

Premier Fluid Systems (PFS Pumps) has been serving companies throughout Canada and the United States for more than 40 years. PFS pumps is an Ontario pump manufacturer offering a wide range of commercial and industrial pumps including liquid ring and vane vacuum pumps, centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, and & liquid ring compressors.

Hevvy/Toyo Pumps North America Corp

Location: 1550 Brigantine Drive, Coquitlam, BC V3K 7C1, Canada
Telephone: 604-298-1213
Email: info@hevvypump.com
Website: https://hevvypumps.com/

Hevvy/Toyo Pumps is embracing proven technology and incorporating it into our new designs to push the limits of technology and design, to propel the future and challenge the industry to be more reliable, efficient and accountable to its customers and the environment. It is an exciting new future when “heritage” and “imagination” meet to benefit both worlds.

Valutech Inc

Location: 3761 Victoria Park Avenue, Unit #10, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M1W 3S2
Telephone: +1 (888) 969-2080
Website: https://www.valutechinc.com/

At Valutech, we have over 30 years of experience working with our clients to provide them the ideal products to optimize their heat-transfer and fluid-handling processes. We offer quality maintenance and repairs on all our products along with solutions for large-scale industrial and HVAC operations, food & beverage processing and pharmaceutical industries, and everything in between.

Rotech Pumps & Systems

Location: 3Rotech Canada (HQ) 1180 Britannia Road East, Mississauga,ON, L4W 1C8 Canada
Telephone: 1-866-217 7867
Email: sales@rotechpumps.com
Website: https://www.rotechpumps.com/

Rotech Pumps & Systems was formed 20 years ago to provide a solution for Oil & Gas, Wastewater, power generation, Chemical and General Industries; Industrial Pumps designed to last, and engineered for the most stringent applications, while still being available in a short lead-time. Rotech has since grown from having Engineering and Manufacturing from one facility, to global factories and offices across the world while still keeping the original solution in mind. Good Delivery, on even Better Products.


Location: #345 14032 – 23rd Ave, Edmonton, Alberta Canada T6R 3L6
Telephone: 780-426-4800
Email: info@can-k.com
Website: http://can-k.com/

CAN-K was established in 1991 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to develop innovative products for the oil & gas, space and aerospace industries. Several of the products developed for oil & gas over the years are now standard in the industry. We have several patented technologies under licence.

ARCO Pumps

Location: 93 Penn Drive. Toronto, Ontario, Canada M9l 2B1
Telephone: (416) 746-8413  or  (416) 746-5868
Website: https://www.arcopumps.com/

We are dedicated to providing quality products with efficient and reliable service. We specialize in the production of liquid ring vacuum pumps and have 30+ years
of experience in distribution and repair of a variety of industrial equipment.

Advanced Test and Automation

Location: 405 Industrial Drive Milton, ON L9T5B1
Telephone: +1 647 477 6247
Website: https://advancedta.com/

ATA was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with hundreds of systems installed globally. ATA’s roots come from the rigorous automotive test systems industry. ATA boldly empowers busy professionals to make product quality related decisions faster leveraging unique technology and insights in thermal and fluid pressure component function combines with a strong background in software development, data acquisition and control and a passion for testing.