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Ukraine is known as the “bread basket of Europe” due to its significant contribution to the global export of wheat, maize, barley, and rapeseed. Despite being among the world’s top agricultural producers and exporters, Ukraine is still one of the poorest countries in Europe, with low GDP per capita.

Energy in Ukraine is mainly sourced from gas and coal, followed by nuclear and oil. However, the coal industry has been disrupted by conflict. Most gas and oil are imported, but since 2015, the country has prioritized diversifying its energy supply. Since energy in Ukraine is mainly sourced from gas and coal, pump businesses can potentially benefit from supplying pumps and equipment to support these industries. Pump Manufacturers will help you find suppliers and manufacturers of pumps around Ukraine.

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Location: 4/1 KOVPAKA ST., 40020, SUMY, UKRAINE
Telephone: +38 (050) 687-89-17, +38 (050) 325-73-53
Email: marketing@sumnt.som
Website: https://sumnt.com/en/home/

The traditions of Sumy mechanical engineering go back to 1896, namely, from this time begins the history of the city of Sumy as a major pump-building spot in Eastern Europe. Thus all grounds were available for the establishment and successful development of SNT company. Today SNT manufactures pumps for all industries. The company has implemented a full production cycle from design to delivery of pumps and hydraulic systems.