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Vermont’s economy is largely based on dairy farming and forestry. However, the number of dairy farms has declined significantly over the years, while milk production has doubled. Most of Vermont’s forests are privately owned, and the state encourages regrowth and careful forest management. Vermont’s forests are rapidly growing, but the demand for wood products has plummeted, causing concerns for jobs in the industry.

Dairy farming requires the use of pumps to move milk from the cow to the storage tank, while forestry operations may require pumping systems for irrigation, fire suppression, or wastewater management. In addition, the declining demand for wood products in Vermont may result in the need for pump manufacturers to explore new markets or applications to sustain their businesses.

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Hayward Tyler Ltd

Location: PO Box 680 480 Roosevelt Hwy Colchester Vermont 05446 USA
Telephone: +1 802 655 4444
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Website: https://haywardtyler.com/

We design, manufacture, and service performance-critical electric motors and pumps to meet the most demanding of applications for the global energy and chemical industries, as both an OEM supplier and trusted partner.