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France has an extensive transport network, including railways, roads, airports, ports, and waterways. This network is vital in supporting industries, including the pump business, which relies on efficient transportation to move its products. France’s energy sector, particularly its nuclear power plants, also requires pumps to operate and maintain the plants, highlighting the importance of reliable and efficient pump operations. 

France’s extensive waterways offer potential opportunities for pump businesses involved in water transport and management. France’s transport and energy sectors provide potential markets for pump businesses, which can benefit from the country’s well-developed infrastructure.

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Location: 21 rue de la Fraternité – 93170 BAGNOLET – FRANCE
Telephone: +33 1 43 63 78 95
Email: someflu@someflu.com
Website: https://www.someflu.com/

Ever since its creation, innovation has always been the core of the business of Someflu. Amongst the precursors in the design and manufacture of plastic pumps, it was using rupture in the 70s that SOMEFLU grew for almost 50 years

SDEEC Industries

Location: Pont de Barre, RD 613 34 570 SAUSSAN
Telephone: (+33) 4 67 07 01 70
Email: info@sdeec.fr
Website: https://www.sdeec-industries.fr/

Given the global objectives of reducing energy consumption, it appears essential to improve the energy efficiency of our production methods. In the field of climate engineering, the heat pump is the key thermodynamic lever for energy efficiency.

Eurofiliales Sarl

Location: 1 Rue des Fenouillèdes, 66280 Saleilles, France
Telephone: +33 4 68 37 40 00
Website: https://www.eurofiliales.com/

Established in Saleilles since 2002, Eurofiliales is a company specializing in the repair, maintenance and on-site installation of rotating machines.

Anxious to pass on this know-how and experience, a new management trained for several years in the Eurofiliales philosophy continues to offer you and continuously improve its services with the same rigor and commitment.