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Portugal’s manufacturing sector, while gradually transitioning towards the services industry, remains a significant contributor to the country’s economy, employing a substantial portion of the labor force alongside construction and mining. Traditional manufactures such as processed food, textiles, metals, machinery, ship repair, chemicals, wood (especially cork), glass, pottery items, refined petroleum, oil, gas, pumps, and building materials have long been integral to Portugal’s industrial landscape. Over the years, the manufacturing sector has seen notable growth and diversification, with emerging sectors like automobiles, automobile components, electronics, pumps, and plastics gaining prominence alongside established industries.

The success of Portugal’s pump manufacturing sector in recent decades can be attributed to various factors, including the presence of a new generation of Portuguese entrepreneurs and the influx of major foreign investors. Industrial policies focused on attracting foreign capital through privatization and offering state and EU subsidies have played a pivotal role in driving growth and innovation. Notable investments, such as the joint venture between big companies have bolstered Portugal’s manufacturing capabilities, particularly in the pump manufacturing sector.

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Megacontrol began its activity in 1994 with the aim of selling equipment in the areas of mechanics and instrumentation. Taking into account the demands of the markets, we have sought over these years to develop sustained growth supported by the quality of the products we sell, the technical solutions developed and the quality of human resources.

We intend to continue to grow and deserve the support of our customers, to this end we have taken as our objective the quality of our services and constant updating in a market that is constantly evolving.


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At Magal you can find solutions for pumping clean water, water collection, sanitation and sewage, with quality equipment from the best brands, suited to your needs. Focused on sustainable production, we use the latest technology to create efficient systems and economic solutions that facilitate energy savings.