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SG Flowmeters Pte Ltd

A wide range of flow technologies to suit many applications in the marine industry, powerplants, water and wastewater. 

What type of flow meter do you require? Is it for water or other liquids, gases or steam, low or high pressure? On the specification sheets you can check for the accuracy and repeatability. Here you will hopefully find a flow meter for your application and check its availability, price and delivery with us.

Magnetic Flowmeters
Ultrasonic Flowmeters
Doppler Flowmeters

Gear Flowmeters


SG Flowmeters Pte Ltd is a Singapore based company that supports clients locally and in the South-East-Asian Region We are a quality supplier of flow and level instrumentation and control equipment strategically headquartered in Singapore with our own premises where we stock and supply for the region. Liquid Flow A range of flow indicators and transmitters to suit a plethora of  applications such as pure water, drinking water, deionized water, demin water, sea water, oils and chemicals.

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