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What is the function of rod pump?

Besides men throwing their helmet game with a sucker rod pump, maybe some of us would like to know more about what sucker rod pumps are and what they are about since they are not a common sight in the many parts of the world outside the USA.

Sucker rod pumping systems are the oldest and most widely used type of artificial lifting system for oil wells. Sucker-rod strings transfer the motion from the driving machine on the wellhead to the downhole oil pump.
The pumps are the most common form of artificial lift for oil wells. Today, these systems are used to lift formation fluids from hundreds of thousands of wells. A rod pump system consists of a prime mover, a surface pump, a sucker rod string and a downhole pump.

What is the working principle of beam pump?

The working principle of the beam pumping units is as follow: firstly, the motor converts the electrical energy into the rotational motion. Secondly, after twice reduction by the gearbox and the four-bar linkage, the rotary motion transforms into a linear reciprocating

Casual observers sees a 1960’s beige Beam Pump in action!

Sucker rod Pumps are also known as… Pumpjack, Nodding donkey, Pumping unit, horsehead pump, horses’s head oil pump beam pump, sucker rod pump, grasshopper, thirsty bird, jack pump but it is the same thing.It is just that it has so many names. Maybe there are more names? If you know more names and want to contribute here, let us know!

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