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Earthing Equipment for Road Tankers

Elok-Asia has solutions for road tanker grounding. All your static grounding solutions for road tanker earthing control systems are supplied with the appropriate ATEX Certifications. The EGT-4 is the easiest tanker grounding device with visible alarms to detect the status of a tank truck static electricity protection scenario. 

Did you know that Elok-Asia not only designs but also manufactures and produces its own products? This ensures that they have full control over the quality and manufacturing process, allowing them to deliver exceptional products to their customers.

Truck Grounding Systems Available

We are ideally positioned in Asia to supply all your fuel tanker grounding needs. The EGT-4 Grounding Unit is now manufactured in fully stainless steel versions which are a great advantage to customers who installed tanker grounding equipment near areas that are prone to salt attack and corrosive environments. 

Elok-Asia Provides Ex Solutions for Zone 0 and Zone 1 Hazardous Area Equipment needs. Our most popular product is our Static Earthing System for fueling and refueling of truck tankers

How does the EGT-4 Static Electricity Preventor Work?

A. Without Proper Grounding

When loading dry bulk or liquid products onto a vehicle (such as a truck or tanker), the movement of materials creates friction between the materials and the vehicle’s surface and this friction generates static electricity, resulting in an electrostatic charge building up on the surface of the vehicle.

The buildup of this electrostatic charge increases the risk of a static spark occurring, which could potentially act as an ignition source.

B. Static Discharge with Proper Grounding

If the vehicle is properly grounded, it means that there is a conductive path from the vehicle to the earth and if the vehicle is grounded, the electrostatic charge on its surface has a pathway to dissipate into the ground.

Grounding the vehicle effectively prevents the electrostatic charge from accumulating to dangerous levels because any excess charge is safely discharged into the earth.

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Contact Elok-Asia with your grounding system requirements for fuel tankers and applications where flammable vapors are a danger in situations where sparks are likely to occur with the build-up of static electricity 

All our products are made in Europe. We serve the following countries in Asia and can supply country of origin certification

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