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New Jersey’s economy is diverse and includes industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, information technology, financial services, tourism, filmmaking, and more. The state is also known for its agricultural output and is a major producer of blueberries, cranberries, spinach, and bell peppers. New Jersey is home to many scientific and engineering professionals, making it a hub for the pharmaceutical and technology industries. The state hosts numerous business headquarters, including 24 Fortune 500 companies, and has a robust retail industry. Shipping and logistics are also essential industries in New Jersey due to its strategic geographic location.

New Jersey’s diverse economy includes industries such as manufacturing, logistics, and shipping, which are all essential for the pump business. The state’s strategic location and busy ports make it a prime hub for the logistics, warehousing, and supply chain management industries. Their manufacturing economy has also resumed growth in recent years, making it a favorable location for pump manufacturers. With a well-educated labor pool and strong scientific economy, New Jersey could be an excellent place for businesses in the pump industry to thrive.

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Park Pumps & Controls, Inc

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Manufacturers’ Representative and Distributor of Water & Wastewater Equipment that specializes in sump, sewerage, and contractor pumps. We maintain a stock of pumps and pump parts and handle in-shop repairs and the start-up of new systems.