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Romania’s economic growth has been one of the highest in the EU since 2010. It is a leading destination for foreign direct investment and a regional leader in fields such as IT and motor vehicle production. The top 10 exports of Romania are vehicles, machinery, chemical goods, electronic products, electrical equipment, pharmaceuticals, transport equipment, basic metals, food products, and rubber, and plastics.

Romania’s growing economy offers opportunities in various sectors, including the pump business. As the country’s economy has been growing consistently, there is a demand for various products and services, including pumps. With the country being a regional leader in the production of motor vehicles and electronics, there is a need for pumps to support these industries. As the country is a leading destination for foreign direct investment, there is potential for international pump companies to invest in Romania and expand their business.

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Neptun S.A.

Location: Strada Bobâlna 57-63, Câmpina 105600, Romania
Telephone: +40 244 335 651
Website: http://www.neptun-gears.ro/

The company NEPTUN, after over 100 years of activity, keeps adopting a diversifying policy through the integration of 4 basic activities structured in 4 Divisions offering their clients complex packages of products, services and complete solutions in the industrial field.

S.C. NEPTUN S.A. is the main producer of mechanical transmissions in Romania, provided with modern technical and technological facilities, so that products of high technological and quality level can be manufactured.


Location: 29 A Manoleşti Hill str., Romania, Botosani
Telephone: (+40) 739 000 063
Email: pumps@mecanex.ro
Website: https://mecanex.ro/

Our company offers complete services in the production of pumps, spare parts for pumps, molded or processed parts and constantly finds professional, innovative solutions adapted to customer requirements. Regardless of the field of application and industry, Mecanex pumps represent the most efficient water circulation and transportation solution. The Mecanex company is ready to offer water pumping solutions also in the agricultural sector, especially in the irrigation sector.


Location: Calea Victoriei No. 155, Block D1, stair 8, Section 7, floor 5, Bucharest, Romania
Telephone: (+40) 310 699377
Website: https://aversadppumps.com/ro/

AVERSA – DP PUMPS srl is the result of the association between SC AVERSA SA and DRAKOS POLEMIS GROUP.

Having a cumulative experience of more than 200 years on the world market of pumps, we propose to relaunch the range of AVERSA pumps in accordance with
market requirements.

AVERSA – DP PUMPS offers standard and customized pumps, the quality being recognized at national and international fairs.