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Provider of Pumps and Other Industrial Products in Iraq

Iraq’s manufacturing sector experienced rapid growth after the mid-1970s, fueled by heavy government investment in industrialization and import substitution. International aid, particularly from the former Soviet Union, supported the development of industrial activities such as aluminum smelting, tractor production, and tire manufacturing. Following the end of the embargo in 1997, manufacturing output increased, with most factories resuming production. Despite challenges, efforts to diversify the sector continued, expanding petrochemical products for export, such as liquefied natural gas, bitumen, detergents, and fertilizers. Despite facing challenges, the sector has shown resilience, with many products previously unavailable returning to the market.

Iraq’s manufacturing sector, including the pump industry, remains a crucial sector for the country’s economic growth and development, despite the challenges it faces, including the negative impact of continuing violence, a high rate of inflation, an oil sector hampered by a shortage of replacement parts, antiquated production methods, and outdated technology, a high rate of unemployment, a seriously deteriorated infrastructure, and a private sector inexperienced in modern market practices.