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The Czech Republic has advanced agriculture with better than average yields and ample agricultural land. The land, however, is not used as efficiently as in western Europe. Resources include bituminous, anthracite, and brown coal, limited metallic ores, and small quantities of petroleum and natural gas. The country’s manufacturing industry is diverse, with notable sectors being automobile and electronics, engineering, food processing and brewing, and heavy manufacturing. The major car manufacturer is Škoda, which became the Czech Republic’s biggest export earner in the early 2000s.

Czech Republic is diverse, and some companies in the pump industry may find the country’s manufacturing capabilities and resources to be useful for their operations.

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Location: 1271 Shillinger Road North Mobile, AL 36608
Telephone: +420 567 322 487
Email: vakuum@ji.cz
Website: https://vakuum-bohemia.cz/en/

VAKUUM BOHEMIA offers sale, servicing and repair of industrial vacuum pumps by Busch, Becker, Rietschle, Leybold, Kinney, Travaini, Ilmvac, Pedro Gil, Mann, Solberg, Puma, Fezer, RT, Gev, Pico, Orfe, Nero, and others brands.


Location: Loučská 503/31, 751 31 Lipník nad Bečvou
Telephone: +420 581 677 745
Email: gess@gess.cz
Website: https://www.pumpa.eu/en/

The company was founded in 1991, it was focused on the service and repair of machines and equipment for water treatment plants and treatment plants in the Czechoslovak Republic. It was mainly about carrying out service repairs on the technological equipment of the former Ekosigma and Sigma Hranice. 


Location: U Svitavy 54/1, 618 00 Brno Czech Republic
Telephone:  +420 778 760 712
Email: info.en@pumpa.eu
Website: https://www.pumpa.eu/en/

We are a manufacturer of several product lines such as PUMPA blue line, PUMPA black line, PUMPA inox line, PUMPA ATS line, PUMPA AHP line and PUMPA e-line. The number of our products is constantly rising and includes more than 70 pumps, pressure booster pumps, grinder pumps stations, pressure booster sets, control systems and accessories.