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Location: Blk 2 Lot 6 Phase 2A Grand Royale Subdivision, Bulihan Malolos Bulacan 3000Region III Philippines
Telephone: (+63) 905 431 1969
Email: info@sensors.ph
Website: https://sensors.ph/


Concentration measurements of liquids using inline sensors. They are specially designed to measure liquid concentrations using dielectric methods as opposed to the standard optical systems. This unique feature drastically reduces the need for maintenance and downtime. These products do not require frequent cleaning and recalibration when measuring opaque liquids.

Water Sampling Pumps and Controller

This is peristaltic pump designed for university projects, environmental concerns or private and government investigations. The device is battery operated and portable and an excellent product to take automatic samples of wastewater, especially in areas where methane gas has accumulated (Ex Certified)

  • Ten channels – samplers pumped into smaller bottles or a composite sample container
  • High dosing accuracy by means of peristaltic pump of single samples from 20 – 26000 ml.
  • event sampling can be performed parallel to the standard program
  • with the Multi Channel Transmitter wastewater flows can be monitored continuously and event sampling can be started directly in case of irregularities
  • the integrated logger allows the evaluation of historical measurement and sampling data.

Other Products Available in the Philippines

MTC is a specialist sensor and instrumentation supplier close to Manila. We supply all types of sensors and transmitters to all regions of the Philippines. 

We can supply high-quality and competitively sensors to any region in the Philippines. Whether you need to buy a sensor in Manila, Cavite, Batangas, Cebu, Davao, General Santos or in a remote location, we have a solution for all types of scenarios. We not only supply sensors but also process and analytical solutions. Some solutions require simple sensors while others are more complex requiring higher accuracy and repeatability at low or high measurements with varying temperature and pressure.

Pressure Transmitters suitable for pressure, differential pressure, level measurements using water column and ability to apply a factor for liquids with different density. Standard connections and sanitary ferrule options.

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We are suppliers of level transmitters and level switches for tanks. We use different types of level measurement technologies to solve issues both technical and economical. Ultrasonic, magnetic, radar, acoustic wave and infrared options with options for sanitary connections for food and beverage applications.

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With our light source devices we can measure the concentration or brix value of any liquid. These are excellent sensors for sugar control in the beverage industry. The other applications are very wide and include salt measurements, oil measurements, chemicals, acid and wastewater TDS (Total Dissolved Solids).

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We have supplied these sensors to power plants in their lubrication oil systems. The sensors will send an alarm when a turbine lubrication oil is contaminated with water. They are also installed on the outlet of oil purifiers in power plants and also onboard ships in the main engine room. The same technology is also used to detect and increase in pipeline water for all industries.

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Dust sensors supplier in the Philippines. Various applications starting with economically priced individual dust detection and measurement for filter houses. Other products are environmental/health and safety and can measure a dust event in a factory/construction area and mining operations.

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