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Dealing with Water Contamination In Diesel Engines

Fuel suppliers must ensure the quality of the fuel they are selling in large volumes meets certain standards. Since they compete with each other in a global market, they have to ensure their clients that the fuel they deliver is top quality, knowing that if the client is receiving compromised fuel, the engines that they are powering are going to be less efficient. Poor quality fuel can damage diesel engines. If the problem is not with the supplier, then this information gives some practical tips that point out the source of contamination and how it can be remedied.

Does your Diesel Fuel contain too much water?

One way that operators quickly find out is from engine performance. A stuttering engine or a diesel engine that suddenly breaks down when a load is applied to it could mean that the diesel is contaminated with water. When operators experience a lack or total lack of performance or colored fumes, its time to take a look at the condition of the fuel immediately. There are several methods (visual and practical) which can be easily implemented for “quick checks.” If the water in diesel fuel contamination level is high, operators can simply pour a sample into a transparent beaker and wait to see if there is visible separation. Experienced users may often look at the colour change and even perform a crackle test. The crackle test is akin to what we experience when we are cooking oil and water i.e we hear and experience the crackling.

Why nobody wants Water In Diesel?

Lack of engine performance but also financial loss has to be considered. If operators do not take precautions and perform thorough maintenance checks, then the diesel engine’s life is going to be shortened, more parts needed and time is wasted on repairs and in some cases diesel engine replacement. When the water makes its way into vessels, tanks/containers, it can also beging to corrode the internal ferrous material and if that is not an issue, then microbes will start to grow and cause all sorts of other unwanted issues.

How to get rid of the water in diesel?

You could always drain the tanks and start all over again but one method for larger diesel engines is to use Fuel Water Purifiers/Separators and at the same time monitor the separators are removing water from fuel installing inline water sensors for fuel.