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Ruhrpumpen Brazil

Ruhrpumpen Brazil Location: Rod. Washington Luiz, 13721 Chácaras Rio-Petropolis, Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro, BrazilTelephone: +55 (21) 3675-2000 (commercial hours), +55 (21) 2776-2988  (front desk)Website: https://www.ruhrpumpen.com/en/about/facilities/brazil.html Description: This state-of-the-art pump manufacturing facility, established in 2011, is strategically located in Rio de Janeiro in order to provide optimum delivery service and is one of the main pump suppliers to the Brazilian pump market. This plant is able to manufacture most of the pumps from our extensive product line of centrifugal

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Biomec LTDA.

BIOMEC Location: Araucária / PR | BrazilTelephone: (41) 3643-5626Website: https://www.biomec.com.br/ Description: Biomec was born in the Curitiba Technological Incubator in 1990, where it began manufacturing medical and dental equipment, standing out for its technological development and innovative stance. From the year 2000 onwards, it stopped producing equipment for the healthcare sector and began producing vacuum pumps and small air compressors for refined applications. With innovative DNA, over decades, we have demonstrated the capacity for evolution that the market demands.

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Pump Manufacturers Brazil IMBIL, Indústria e Manutenção

IMBIL Indústria e Manutenção de Bombas ITA Ltda

Imbil Location: R. Jacob Audi, 690 Vila Isaura, Itapira – SPTelephone: 0800 014 8500Website: https://imbil.com.br/ Description: Industry and Pump Maintenance ITA Ltda. is a 100% Brazilian, privately held company that has been operating in the single and multistage Centrifugal Pumps segment since 1982, and today is located at Rua Jacob Audi, 690 in the city of Itapira/SP, in its own area of ​​120 thousand m², being 35 thousand m² of built area.

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