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Why Rent Pumps?

There are many reasons why a company or an individual might decide that renting is more appropriate to buying a pump. Some of the main reasons have to do with the fact that a rental is a fixed cost. Rental pumps are not the responsibility of the renter to maintain and the logic is similar to that of renting a vehicle. In fact, a lot of the larger pumps on rental contracts are often on wheels if they are equipment that needs moving around a site. Another reason for renting a pump might also have to do with the renter’s internal accounting system where budgets are made for capital equipment to be owned vs a different budget for services and equipment of a temporary nature.

Where can I rent a pump from in the USA?

There are several vendors who offer rental services for differing kinds of pumps according to the application. Browse through the list to identify which companies meet the need and contact them directly with your request. Some pump companies who rent from another location might come in handy when a more local company may not have the type of pump available for rent.

Very often operators of pump rentals might also be interested in renting a flow meter on a temporary basis by day, week or month.

Rent a Flow Meter

  • Rental options for flow meters
  • Flow Meters for Drinking Water, Wastewater, Chemicals
  • Rent a flow meter to test pump output
  • Flow Meter rentals for checking flow rates and batches
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Pump Rental Companies Renting Pumps in USA

United Rentals

Location: 100 First Stamford Place Ste 700 Stamford, CT  06902 United States
Telephone: 844.873.4948
Website: https://www.unitedrentals.com/

United Rentals offers a choice of different kinds of pumps for rent. The rental pumps are designed to help move muddy water, grey water, sludge, sewage or other solids out of the way of site work and your crew. Whether you are looking to dewater or transfer or suction fluid, pumps are ideal for construction, industrial and municipal jobsites. United Rental’s inventory features trash pumps, commonly used to transport liquids with hard and soft solids, and vacuum assisted pumps, designed to quickly suction liquids, sludge or grey water. From our trailer-mounted, super vacuum assisted diesel pumps to our electric submersible pumps for general household dewatering needs, United Rentals has the right pump to fit your requirements. While pumps are an essential tool for construction sites, it’s important to also have a plan in place for severe weather emergencies. Check out our Project Uptime article on Creating a Severe Weather Emergency Response Plan for Construction Sites to ensure your crew and equipment are prepared for any unexpected weather events.

Velocity Pump Rental

Location: 100 First Stamford Place Ste 700 Stamford, CT  06902 United States
Telephone: 833.273.7368
Website: https://cogentcompanies.com/velocity/

Pumps: Engineered. Controlled. Integrated

We are here to serve all your rental needs with one call. Backed by one of the industry’s largest pump manufacturers, we are the Godwin distributors for dewatering solutions in our territory. With locations and experienced professionals throughout the region, speed is our first name.

Velocity Pump Rental, a Cogent company, is one of 10 best-in-class partner companies providing pumping and process equipment solutions and service to the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Water and Wastewater treatment industries.

Global Pump

Location: 10162 E. Coldwater Rd. Davison, MI 48423
Telephone: 810-653-4828
Email: Sales@GlobalPump.com
Website: https://www.globalpump.com/index.php

Global Pump rents world-class pumping equipment and accessories. Our technical rental staff can help engineer your system and specify the pumps, hoses, pipe, fittings, fuel cubes, and other items you may need to quickly get your job running smoothly. The rental business is a top priority at Global Pump. Our line of portable, diesel-driven, trailer-mounted, auto-priming trash or high head pumps are the most efficient on the market. They are built tough to withstand the demanding rental market. Global Pump also rents a full line of centrifugal and rotary wellpoint pumps and a wide range of submersible pumps.

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