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Rhode Island was a significant contributor to the American Industrial Revolution. The textile industry was one of the leading industries in the state, but with the Great Depression, most textile factories relocated to southern U.S. states. Today, Rhode Island’s economy is based on services, particularly healthcare and education, and still manufacturing to some extent. Rhode Island’s largest industry is health services, followed by tourism and manufacturing. The state’s agricultural outputs include nursery stock, vegetables, dairy products, and eggs. Rhode Island’s taxes were appreciably higher than neighboring states, but the state’s first income tax was enacted in 1971. 

These industries require pumping systems for various applications, such as coolant circulation, wastewater treatment, and fluid transfer. The pump business is essential to the manufacturing industry, and many pump manufacturing companies operate in Rhode Island. With the state’s manufacturing industry still contributing to its economy, the pump business is likely to continue playing a crucial role in supporting the manufacturing activities in Rhode Island.

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BSM Pump Corporation

Location: 260 Narragansett Park Drive East Providence, RI 029161-888-818-4051
Telephone: 401-471-6370
Website: https://bsmpump.com/

BSM offers a broad selection of pumps capable of handling a wider range of applications than any other pump in the industry. All BSM Pumps are manufactured to strict quality standards assuring the dependability you need to keep your equipment functioning.