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Provider of Pumps and Other Industrial Products in Turkey

Turkey’s manufacturing sector, including its pump industry, has been experiencing significant growth in recent years, positioning the country as an appealing destination for businesses looking to diversify their supply chains and tap into new markets. With its strategic geographical location at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, Turkey provides easy access to major markets, making it an ideal location for manufacturers aiming to expand their global reach. The country boasts a large, young, and skilled workforce with competitive labor costs, coupled with a strong tradition of vocational training, particularly in industries such as automotive, textiles, and electronics. Turkey’s well-developed industrial base spans various sectors, including automotive, textiles and apparel, food and beverage, chemicals, electronics, and machinery, offering manufacturers a diverse ecosystem to find suppliers and partners for their specific needs.

Turkey’s diverse industrial landscape, including leading industries such as automotive, textiles and apparel, food and beverage, chemicals, electronics, and machinery, continues to drive growth and success in its manufacturing sector. One notable provider of pumps and other industrial products in Turkey is Global Inspection Managing (GIM), offering customized solutions, laboratory testing and certification, comprehensive reporting, and robust customer support to ensure product quality and compliance with international standards.

Find Pump Suppliers Locally in Turkey

Sartel Kablo

Location: Sümer, Şht. Naci Ülker Blv. No:45, 09900 Nazilli/Aydın, Türkiye
Telephone: +90 232 464 07 01
Email: delta@dltgrp.com
Website: https://dltgrp.com/

We produce with Sartel Kablo quality and sell with confidence. In order to be one of the biggest players in the Turkish cable industry, Delta Group is the sole seller of SARTEL KABLO branded products, which has one of the largest low voltage cable capacities in Turkey today, in its facilities established in a total area of ​​115,000 M2 and a closed area of ​​25,000 M2.


Location: Musalla Bağları Mh. Sesigür Sk. No:40/1 Selçuklu – Konya / Turkey
Telephone: +90 332 222 00 52
Email: info@erduro.com
Website: https://www.erduro.com/anasayfa

Our wide range of products includes single stage and multistage pump, booster, fire fighting pump, submersible pump, wastewater pump, domestic pump, tractor pumps and them related parts. 

We are offering to our customers a big and specific range of pumps for a large variety of uses: Construction, agriculture and irrigation, industrial, chemical, mining, food and beverage, marine, energy, tourism and hotel, domestic and residental, heating and cooling, municipal/public works. 

Basher Pompa Sanayii

Location: İmes Sanayi, B-205 Sk. B Blok No:18, 34775 Dudullu Osb/Ümraniye/İstanbul, Türkiye
Telephone: +90 216 420 61 61
Email: bilgi@basherpump.com
Website: https://www.basherpump.com/

Our aim is to select and develop the most alternative pump technologies available in the world, apart from our current production. Consumer preference opinions are valuable to us. Whether it can be done or not is taken into consideration and sets us a target.

Vesta Pump

Location: Cevizli, Hukukçular Towers B blok Kat:1, Mustafa Kemal Cd., 34865 Kartal/İstanbul, Türkiye
Telephone: +90 216 389 56 57
Email: vesta@vestapump.com
Website: https://www.vestapump.com/default.asp

We have been designing and producing various models of pumps to be used in different fields of industry. Experienced in product selection and production, our staff renders the services which meet the requirements of the industrial enterprises with after sales support and services which maintain our long term business relationships.

Ulus Pompa

Location: MTOSB Atatürk Bulv. No:4 Huzurkent Mersin Turkey
Telephone: +90 444 27 31
Email: info@ulusupompa.com.tr
Website: https://ulusupompa.com.tr/en/

With the idea of “it is worth water” Ulusu Water Pump have been existing in the water pump market since 1996.With innovative attitute and continuous researching Ulusu water pump has been producing submersible motors-pumps and vertical shaft hydrophore pumps for a decade.Ulusu has a large product range with the brand name Ulusu and Limk. High efficiency, quality workmanship and competitive prices, sales, marketing, after-sales services network are Ulusu Company’s other alluring feature in domestic market and in outside market.

Ege Pompa

Location: Bahriye Üçok Mah. 1762 Sokak No.9 D.1 KARŞIYAKA/İZMİR 35580
Telephone: +90 (532) 791 89 74
Email: bilgi@egepompa.com.tr
Website: https://www.egepompa.com.tr/

Our company combines expert pump technique with over 35 years of experience in the pump industry; to our industry, factories, institutions and organizations, municipalities and local governments, the tourism sector, and end users; continues to provide services regarding all kinds of pumps and pump systems.

Vortex Pump | Gür Mühendislik Sıhhi Tesisat San. and Tic. Ltd. Ltd

Location: Aegean Trade. center 1203/3 Sokak No:5/B – 5/D Yenişehir / İZMİR-Türkiye
Telephone: +90 232 433 21 15
Website: https://www.vortexpompa.com.tr/

We have been continuing our activities under the brand name VORTEX at home and abroad for 41 years, with our expert staff in submersible pumps and hydrophores, under the leadership of LEVENT NOHUTÇUOĞLU and BÜLENT NOHUTÇUĞLU.

We are taking firm steps forward in this field by meticulously manufacturing the highest quality and durable goods of the pump and hydrophore sector on our own behalf and by closely following technological innovations.

Ulusoy Water Pumps

Location: 10010 Sokak No:8 İzmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone Çiğli – İZMİR / TURKEY
Telephone: +90 (232) 376 79 84
Website: http://www.ulusoypompa.com/

Operating in the water pumps sector, producing in a modern production facility established on an area of 5000m2 in Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone, has grown and will grow with confident steps with its assets, actively uses the ISO: 9001: 2008 quality management system within the framework of Turkish and world standards product, we are a company that rapidly increases its diversity, reacts quickly to the needs and changing conditions of our customers and the markets we enter, respects the environment and human health, and offers products and after-sales services based on customer satisfaction.


Location: Saray, 122. Cad. NO:7, 06378 Kahramankazan/Ankara, Türkiye
Telephone: +90 312 395 10 10
Website: https://www.akmisan.com/

Established in 1982 by Sayın Mahmut Yasar TÜYLÜOĞLU and Bünyamin Tüylüoğlu, our company started as a family business with the manufacture of pumps used in fluid transfer. Initially, the industry began manufacturing snail, high-stage pressure and tractor-driven water pumps. Our company closely follows developments in the industry and begins to manufacture rubber-lined sludge pumps that were needed in the field at the beginning of 2010 and imported into my country. Our products are tested at every stage of production by our experienced personnel and quality control is carried out meticulously to ensure superior quality production.

SEMPA Machinery

Location: Göztepe Mah. Göksu Houses Akkavak Cad. No:51 B 83 B BEYKOZ, ISTANBUL, Türkiye Kahramankazan/Ankara, Türkiye
Telephone: 0216 465 92 01
Email: info@sempaltd.com.tr
Website: https://www.sempaltd.com.tr/

SEMPA MAKİNA was established in 1985 to provide service and technical support to the Turkish Ceramics industry.

Our company provides turnkey facility, machinery sales and technical service to the ceramics industry in the raw material, tile and sanitary ware group.

Yildiz Pompa

Location: Aydınlı Mh. Birlik Org. San. Böl. 5.Sk. No:7 Tuzla / İSTANBUL / TÜRKİYE
Telephone: +90 216 378 64 21
Email: yildiz@yildizpompa.com.tr
Website: www.yildizpompa.com

Yıldız Pompa manufactures internal eccentric gear pumps, magnetically driven gear pumps, modular gear pumps, helical gear pumps, vane pumps and lobe pumps for the transfer of viscous and semi-viscous liquids which are closely related to the industry.


Location: Aydınlı Mah. Istanbul Anatolian Side Org. Singing. Region. 1. Sok No:7 34953 Tuzla / Istanbul
Telephone: 0 216 593 46 60 (6 Lines)
Email: info@petroland.com.tr
Website: http://www.petroland.com.tr/default.asp?LanguageID=1

With the principle of “Uncompromised Quality”, Petroland has always made it a principle to produce products of the highest quality and has changed the understanding of quality in the sector. By combining its experience and knowledge of more than 20 years with its state-of-the-art machinery park, it continues to offer you new products without compromising on quality.

Norm Hydrophore Pump

Location: Uzundere location, Mecidiye Mahallesi Ağrı Cad. İkbal Sokak No:46/A 34930 Sultanbeyli – Istanbul / Turkey
Telephone: +90 216 496 7105 Pbx
Email: info@normpumps.com.tr
Website: http://www.normpompa.com.tr/tr/

Maintaining its identity as a 100% domestic pump manufacturer in Turkey, Norm Hydrophore Pump and Hydrophore produces pump and hydrophore systems based on maximum efficiency, in order to meet the needs of the users at the best level, with high quality, in the light of the latest technological developments, and where the best results can be obtained according to the cost.