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Florida has the fourth-largest economy in the United States, with a gross state product of $1.2 trillion in 2021. In the 20th century, various sectors like tourism, industry, construction, banking, healthcare, aerospace, and agriculture have driven the state’s economic growth.

Tourism, particularly with attractions like Walt Disney World and PortMiami, plays a significant role in Florida’s economy. Agriculture is another key contributor, with Florida leading in the production of oranges, mangoes, tomatoes, sugar, and various other crops.

Besides, finance, government, military, healthcare, aerospace, mining, fishing, trade, real estate, and technology contribute significantly to Florida’s diverse economy. In this dynamic economic landscape, pumps play a vital role in supporting various industries. From agricultural irrigation to water management in theme parks and cargo ports, pumps are essential in ensuring the smooth operation of Florida’s diverse economic activities.

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Miami Pump and Supply

Location: 7870 NW 62nd St, Miami, FL 33166
Telephone: (305) 751-3535 / (305) 756-0239
Working Hours:Monday-Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm
Website: https://miamipumpandsupply.com/

Miami Pump & Supply is a stocking distributor for the industry’s leading manufacturers in electric pumps, hydraulic pumps, irrigational pumps and pool pumps in South Florida and the Caribbean. We’ve been in Miami since 1980, over 30 years! We supply pumps for purposes including but not limited to: Agriculture, pools, industry, residential irrigation, and commercial buildings.