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Through a system of gears, a centrifuge bucket type object (often referred to as a bowl) rotates at high speed. When the machine is on and the rotational speed is sufficient, the oil to be separated enters the cavity. Denser components in the oil begin to move away (outwards) while the solid particles that are too fine to be removed by filtration are forced towards the circumference of the bowl. Water tends to drop towards the bottom.

How Fuel Purifiers and Clarifiers Work

Continuous Monitoring of Water in Oil Concentration in Lubrication Systems for Purifiers and Centrifuges

Water contamination is something that needs to be monitored in purifier lubricating oil. We have developed a sensor that works on any type of oil whether it is mineral or synthetic.

Alfa Laval

Location: 5400 International Trade Drive 23231 Richmond United States
Telephone: +1 866 253 2528
Email: customerservice.usa@alfalaval.com
Website: https://www.alfalaval.us/


Purifiers: For a century, Alfa Laval has pushed the boundaries of separation at sea. Today our equipment removes cat fines from 150 million tons of marine fuel oil every year, while simultaneously helping vessels to secure compliance with environmental regulations and achieve unmatched energy savings. Find out why more than 50% of the world’s fleet rely on Alfa Laval separators for handling traditional and new fuels as well as lube and waste oil, bilge water, crankcase gas, and scrubber water.

GEA marine Separator

Website: https://www.gea.com/en/index.jsp



Purifiers: The GEA marine separator specializes in the purification of fuel and lube oil on board ships. With its integrated direct drive, the GEA marine Separator is a revolutionary solution that offers more performance per square meter of space, an extremely simple service concept, and smart connectivity.

Learn more about the numerous advantages for ship owners or the desired outputs.

Mitsubishi Oil Separator

Website: https://www.kakoki.co.jp/english/index.html



Purifiers: Mitsubishi Disc Separator is a centrifugal separator which can separate solid matter from  two kinds of different density liquids on a continuous basis and also to separate two liquids simultaneously. By reducing process cycle time and labor requirements, these separators offer high cost efficiency in liquid clarification and reclamation, solid-liquid separation and its classification, recovery and thickening of solids and in other such processes.

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