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The thriving industrial and manufacturing landscape in Maryland, with a significant focus on sectors like transportation and food processing, establishes a robust economic foundation. In such an environment, the pump business plays a crucial role in supporting diverse industries and activities. From facilitating transportation-related operations at the Port of Baltimore to contributing to the food-processing sector, pumps are integral in ensuring efficient processes and operations.

In agricultural settings, where dairy farming and horticulture crops are prevalent, pumps are essential for irrigation and managing water resources. The automated chicken-farming sector, prominent in the southeastern part of the state, relies on pumps for various processes. As Maryland’s economic activities continue to diversify and expand, the demand for pumps across different industries is likely to remain substantial, making it a valuable market for pump manufacturers and suppliers. Our platform streamlines the process of connecting you with trustworthy providers, ensuring comprehensive coverage in major regions like Baltimore, Columbia, Germantown, and Silver Spring. Whether your demand is residential, commercial, or industrial, our network of suppliers stands ready to deliver top-notch products and services tailored to your needs.

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Geiger Pump & Equipment

Location: 8924 Yellow Brick Road Baltimore, MD 21237
Telephone: (410) 682-2660
Fax: (410) 682-4750
Website: https://www.geigerinc.com/

Geiger distributes, manufactures and services Industrial and Municipal Pump and Process Equipment, mixers, valves, fans, blowers and vacuum pumping equipment throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.