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Provider of Pumps and Other Industrial Products in Michigan

Michigan’s diverse economy, spanning industries like automobiles, mining, and manufacturing, provides a robust foundation for various sectors, including the pump business. The state’s significant role in manufacturing and mining activities indicates a demand for pumps in handling fluids and materials essential to these industries.

As Michigan continues to thrive economically, the need for efficient pumping solutions in processes such as automotive production, mining operations, and manufacturing facilities becomes crucial. Pump businesses can leverage the state’s industrial landscape, contributing to the fluidity and efficiency of these essential sectors. The adaptability of Michigan’s economy suggests opportunities for pump suppliers to cater to the evolving needs of diverse industries within the state. Discover reputable pump suppliers effortlessly with Pump Manufacturers, serving the Michigan area and beyond. Our platform streamlines the process of connecting you with trustworthy providers, ensuring comprehensive coverage in major regions like Detroit, Grand Rapids, Warren City, and Sterling Heights.

Find Pump Suppliers Locally in Michigan

Great Lakes Pump & Supply Co.

Location: 1075 Naughton Troy, MI 48083
Telephone: 248-266-2313
Website: https://www.greatlakespump.com/

Since 1976, Great Lakes Pump & Supply has supplied process equipment for various industries.  We sell and service many kinds of industrial pumps, heat exchangers, electric motors, valves, seals, filters, and more.

Electric Motor Warehouse

Location: Michigan USA
Telephone: 810-744-1240
Website: https://electricmotorwarehouse.com/

Electric Motor Warehouse, established in 1980, is a family owned and operated business. We are committed to giving our customers excellent customer service whether they are local or anywhere in the world. We are an authorized distributor for Leeson, Lincoln, Fasco, Century, Regal, Dayton, Bison and many others. We are also a stocking dealer for Stearns brakes