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Oklahoma is a major producer of natural gas and crude oil, ranking third and fifth respectively in the nation. It has a large number of active drilling rigs and crude oil reserves. The largest private oil-related companies in the US, including Devon Energy Corporation, Chesapeake Energy Corporation, and SandRidge Energy Corporation, are based in Oklahoma. The state also has low energy costs and its largest companies are energy-related.

Given Oklahoma’s role in the oil and gas industry, it is likely that there is also a thriving pump business in the state. Pumps are essential equipment in the extraction and transportation of oil and gas, and as such, they are in high demand in Oklahoma. Companies that specialize in pump manufacturing, maintenance, and repair are likely to have a significant presence in the state, serving the needs of the oil and gas industry. While Oklahoma continues to make progress in renewable energy, there may also be opportunities for pump businesses that cater to the wind power industry in the state.

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Total Pump & Supply

Location: 2800 S. High Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73129
Telephone: 405-670-0333
Website: https://www.totalpumpsupply.com/

Total Pump & Supply was formed in January of 2005 by Henry Lanoy, Bobby Bowles, Ed Lassiter and Delora Lassiter. Together they offer over 100 years of combined industry knowledge. Total Pump & Supply is accredited by the Oklahoma Ground Water Association (OGWA).

Burleson Pump Company

Location: 4207 South Prospect Avenue, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73129, US
Telephone: (405) 677-6881
Website: https://burlesonpump.com/

Burleson Pump Company was established in 1986. The company was founded by Stan Burleson and Elmo Dunn; whose roots date back to the Larson Company – the premier rod pump manufacturing and repair company in Oklahoma during the 1940’s through 1986.  Burleson Pump Company has grown to be a leader in providing professional sucker rod pump service to customers throughout the Oklahoma Oil and Gas industry.