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Poland’s agriculture was unique in the Soviet bloc as private farms accounted for most of the output. However, post-communist Poland faced a decline in farm incomes, the liquidation of state farms, the aging of agricultural workers, and droughts. Poland remains one of the world’s leading producers of rye, potatoes, wheat, and sugar beets. The country is well-endowed with natural resources, including bituminous coal, sulfur, and metallic minerals such as copper and silver. Poland’s energy is predominantly provided by thermal plants fired by bituminous coal and lignite, and renewable sources contribute about one-tenth of the country’s energy output. Industrial output fell after the collapse of communism, but production improved, and by the mid-1990s, manufacturing accounted for about two-fifths of GDP.

The agricultural sector, where Poland remains a leading producer of crops such as rye and potatoes, could also require pumps for irrigation and other agricultural applications. 

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Andoria Sp. z o. o

Location: Andoria Sp. z o. o street Krakowska 140 34-120 Andrychów
Telephone: +48 33 876 27 51
Email: sekretariat@andoria.pl
Website: https://andoria.pl/en/

Andoria Sp. z o. o. is a company whose origins date back to 1945. Thanks to over 70 years of tradition and experience, we are able to make many different types of castings in various types of cast iron for every industry branch. Andoria, as a continuator of the production of WSW Andrychów, has specialized staff with extensive experience in the production of diesel engines, automotive castings and mechanical processing.