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Bahrain’s pump industry is part of the country’s diversified economy, which has grown significantly due to various factors. The traditional industries, such as building dhows, fishing, and the manufacture of reed mats, have been largely replaced by modern industries. Ship repair, handled at Mīnāʾ Salmān near Manama, and light industries, including the production of building materials, furniture, soft drinks, and plastics, have flourished.

Bahrain is home to Aluminum Bahrain B.S.C. (Alba), one of the world’s largest aluminum smelters, and Bapco, a major oil refinery. Bahrain has successfully built on its long tradition of shipping and commerce to become one of the most important commercial and financial centers in the Persian Gulf. Despite its small size in the oil sector, Bahrain has shown resilience, and its economy remains less sensitive to fluctuations in the world oil market. As the country’s traditional industries have evolved into modern ones, the pump industry has thrived in Bahrain, benefiting from the government’s significant financial stake in these modern industries.