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Shanghai Weihu Pump Co,.ltd

Pump Manufacturers China Shanghai Weihu Pump Co,.ltd
Shanghai Weihu Pump Co,.ltd

over 200000 square meters,more than 860 employees,more than 80 are senior professional technicians,more than 40 international standard products

Shanghai Weihu Pump Co,.ltd

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S, SH, SOW series single stage double suction centrifugal pump, D, MD, DF series wear-resistant multistage centrifugal pump, DG series middle-low pressure, intermediate pressure boiler pump, WQ non-clogging sewage pump, WQS blue water filled sewage pump, WQK cutting type sewage pump, WQX type mine sewage pump, WQ-JY automatic mix sewage pump, QJ well submersible electric pump, QS small submersible pump, QY oil-filled submersible pump, stainless submersible pump
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Shanghai Weihu Pump industry co., Ltd is a large company and collection design in China, product, sales pump and control cabinet as a whole.The company is the ministry of agriculture industry and sales lead in China.Adopts imported hydraulic model, sophisticated CNC production equipment, greatly improves the product reliability, make the technical specifications of the pump of ranking the leading domestic level.
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