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Belardi Meccanica Industriale

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Belardi Meccanica Industriale

Since 1962 Meccanica Industriale’s production have been entirely “Made in Italy” under the “Belardi” brand name and marketed worlwide.

Belardi Meccanica Industriale

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+39 06 9120294
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Electric Submersible Pumps
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Meccanica Industriale S.r.l. (Belardi pumps)is a leading pump manufaturer of water provisioning in the agricultural, industrial and domestic fields. Thanks to complete ranges of Radial Electric Submersible Pumps for 4″ – 6″ wells and Semi-axial Submersible Electric pumps for 6″ wells is able to offer suitable and efficient solutions for all needs relevant to the use of water resources.
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