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SERFILCO\’s MISSION STATEMENT Simply stated, our mission is to be a proactive partner with our customers and the industries

Serfilco International

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United Kingdom
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Pumps, Filtration equipment, filter media, analytical instrumentation and controls
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SERFILCO\’s MISSION STATEMENT Simply stated, our mission is to be a proactive partner with our customers and the industries we serve to meet the challenges imposed by a global economy and increasingly stringent governmental controls regarding safety and waste reduction. To this end, we will continue to develop and manufacture state-of the-art filtration, liquid handling and waste treatment equipment to help achieve the product integrity, quality and cost savings to be competitive in the market place. SERFILCO Pump and Filtration Industry Leader Worldwide for Over 50 years It has been said that the success of any business comes from finding a need and fulfilling it. In 1961, our founder, Jack Berg, saw a need in the surface finishing industry for better filtration to improve plating quality and reduce rejects. Armed with only the experience gained as a manufacturer’s representative selling filters to platers and a desire to be in business for himself, he took the plunge and opened a small storefront business selling pumps, filter chambers and filter cartridges. From that humble beginning, SERFILCO has grown to become a multi-national manufacturer of a wide range of filtration and liquid handling products serving many industries. With plants in North America as well as operations overseas, plus a worldwide network of sales representatives, we are strategically positioned to supply the needs of our customers. Over the past five decades, we’ve seen many changes in the field of metal finishing and process industries. As these changes were taking place, equipment was also changing. Newer and better designs, along with a broader array of chemically resistant materials are being used to provide the tools needed to operate more effectively and efficiently, as well as with greater safety for workers and the environment. SERFILCO Pumps, Filters, Chambers and Filtration Systems takes pride in its role in bringing many of these advances to the marketplace. Magnetically coupled pumps, vertical pumps, externally mounted single and double mechanical seal pumps, all-plastic filtration systems, and pumped agitation systems using eductors to agitate process and cleaning solutions all can be tracked back to the foresight, ingenuity and perseverance of SERFILCO people. For us, the first 50 years were a learning period during which time we accumulated two generations of experience in meeting needs and solving problems with products that are the benchmark of the industry. Today, at the start of our next half century, we are looking forward to the future with the expectation that we will continue to be a technical resource, contributing to the growth and satisfaction of our customers and including our SERFILCO Pumps, Filter Chambers, Filtration Systems, Filtration Media, Pump Accessories and Replacement Parts for Pumps.
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