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Zhuhai Workmate Motors Co.,Ltd.

Pump Manufacturers China Zhuhai Workmate Motors Co.,Ltd.
Zhuhai Workmate Motors Co.,Ltd.

Workmate Motors Co.,Ltd.is a professional company which aims at developing, manufacturing,selling and serving in the field of Motors,Pumps,tile saws.

Zhuhai Workmate Motors Co.,Ltd.

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Centrifugal pump, submersible pump, Jet pump, Pool Spa Pump, Tile cutter, Tile cutting saw, motor
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Our products have high quality lever, many key components imported from Europe,for example Mechanical Seal and Bladder. We have wide range of pumps for DIY market and Professional market separately, including entrance lever and high class lever, say pool and spa pumps,well pumps,submersible pumps,compact pumps,special pumps, NSF certified pump tanks and motors.
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