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Hytek (GB) Ltd

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Hytek (GB) Ltd

Since 1985 Hytek have been supplying fuelling & lubrication solutions. We design, assemble & test our own engineered products, alongside other brands.

Hytek (GB) Ltd

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United Kingdom
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Battery transfer pumps and kits, on demand pumps, engine driven pumps, submersible pumps, 230V /110V transfer pumps, compact/tank mount pumps, floor mount cabinet pumps, pumps incorporating fuel management systems, pump kits suitable for IBC mounting, mobile diesel tanks complete with pumps. Full range of lever, rotary, semi-rotary and diaphragm hand pumps, alongside air operated workshop pumps. Our product range is suitable for use with diesel, biodiesel, petrol, Adblue®, oil and heating oil.
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With over 30 years’ experience stocking a wide range of pumps from heavy duty rust free cabinet pumps to fill plant equipment, trains, lorries and buses to hand pumps and battery powered water pumps. We have everything under one roof and online to accommodate your needs.
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