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Sunrise Petrifaction Equipment Co.,Ltd

Mechancial seals,seal system,membrane coupling

Sunrise Petrifaction Equipment Co.,Ltd

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Mechancial seals,seal system,membrane coupling
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I am so honorable to contact you. We are Sunrise Petrifaction Equipment Co., Ltd who produces mechanical seals, mechanical seal support system, disc couplings etc. We are top supplier of SINOPEC, CNPC. Our products range are: Mechanical Seals: Welded Bellow seals, spring seals, cartridge seals, bearing seals etc Seal System: pressure tank, heat exchanger etc Coupling: Disc coupling, high speed coupling etc We have standard products also can do special products based on request. All products are produced base on ISO standard and other standard such DIN, API, ANSI. If you have any question or inquiry, please feel free to contact us.
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