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SG Flowmeters Pte Ltd is a Singapore based company that supports clients locally and in the South-East-Asian Region

We are a quality supplier of flow and level instrumentation and control equipment strategically headquartered in Singapore with our own premises where we stock and supply for the region.

Liquid Flow

A range of flow indicators and transmitters to suit a plethora of  applications such as pure water, drinking water, deionized water, demin water, sea water, oils and chemicals 

Air Flow

If you need to simply indicate that there is an air flow, we have the perfect solution from Flowmon UK. These devices are low-cost air flow indicators where a ball will rise when air flow is present 

Digital Air Flow Meters

We supply traditional rotameters which work on the variable area principle but also have mems technology for precise measurement of gasses such as nitrogen, oxygen, and  certain specialty gasses. These devices are popular with the wafer fab and semi-conductor industries. Thermal mass flow meters with built in control valves i.e mass flow controllers.

Fire Pump Flow Testing

Using Clamp-on Flowmeters from EESIFLO, we can test liquid pump flow rates to determine pump efficiency.

Pump Testing Using Flowmeters

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