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Flowmeter Rental

We are located in Rayville Louisiana where we rent out flow meters, not only in our own neighborhood but also to the likes of Houston Texas, Dallas and any other locations in the USA. We can ship a clamp on ultrasonic meter to you, so that you get the flow meter data you need in no time at all.

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What are some of the most common reasons for a rental flow meter?

Pump Verification Flowmeter: A flow meter will let you know if the pump capacity is up to specifications in Gallons or Liters per minute.

Pump Cavitation Flow meter: One of the ways to know whether or not an impeller has eroded or is damaged is to measure the flow rate of the liquid downstream of the pump.

Piping Systems Flow meter: Very often, operators experience a flow imbalance. In these cases, they might need to check whether or not the flow is moving in certain locations and how fast the flow is moving. A battery operated flow meter will solve this issue and give you the flow data that you need.

Measuring Toxic Chemicals?

Look no further. This is an ideal device to measure water or oil-based chemicals. A little time is needed only to investigate the kinematic viscosity and density of the liquid in order to get accurate flow data without having to open up a pipe at the risk of toxic spills. These ultrasonic meters are not only limited to water and wastewater measurements.

Need to measure the flow of sulphuric acid from outside of the pipe?

This is doable. The same with hydrochloric acid, lactic acid, acetic acid and more!

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